Brent Kiehl, Videographer

Is it just us, or do some of the most interesting and creative people you know have a robust enthusiasm for fire-breathing mythical animals and a talent for deconstructing Harry Potter Patronus personality characteristics?

Maybe it’s just us. In any case, Click Content Studios Videographer Brent Kiehl’s spirit animal is a capuchin monkey (just to clarify) and we’re completely fired up to have him on our team.

Brent joined us in January 2019. Every day, he expresses his enthusiasm for exceptional film production and impresses us with his ability to balance projects with the athleticism of a fire-breathing tight-rope walker.

Dragon in spirit. Talented in life and at work. Everyone, meet Brent.

Please describe the work you do at Click.

Right now, my main project is heading up The Scoop with Tracy BriggsOn top of that, I assist other Click video team members with AgweekTV while I learn processes for how to do things in case I need to jump in at any time for vacations and things like that. I also assist shooting projects for Rides with Jay Thomas and the Essentia Health Medical Insight.

How did you discover your love of film production?

I discovered a love for my work after attempting to get over a breakup when I was 20. I started watching YouTube videos to take my mind off things and got interested in the process. I started looking into the film program at MSUM and then I kind of just stumbled into it. I chose MSUM because it has a good program, and was affordable and near where grew up.

What were your most fruitful learning experiences?

I grew up in Detroit Lakes, Minn., and attended school in Frazee where I graduated from high school in 2009. Back then I would play video games and would write really bad fiction novels because I hadn’t discovered film yet. It was an attempt for me to up my game from just writing a book to being more of a visual storyteller. It was a natural progression.

My first year at school, I joined the Cinethusiasts, which is the film production club for film majors. I also did a school internship, which was really valuable. I worked with the MSUM Go Team athletics broadcast production team. We were in charge of filming all sporting events. There I was able to get my hands on a camera more than I did in the classroom, so that was a plus.

Who are some of your favorite film producers?

David Benioff and DB Weiss of Game of Thrones. The show and the amount of production value is so amazing. Especially the first season, when HBO didn’t know if they’d succeed and were given a very small budget compared to what they get now because they know the value and success of the program.

Hobbies, talents?

I like to play basketball in the summer. There’s a court right across the street from my apartment. I tend to like to workout. Otherwise, in my free time, it’s mostly doing freelance video work for local sports broadcasting. I like more of the commercial work that we get at Click because it allows me to be more creative, while also doing the same things I do at a sporting event, everything is just live so you just go with the flow.

I am very, very good at all video games. The game I just fully completed was Kingdom Hearts III. It just came out and I managed to get every Playstation trophy in the game in two weeks. My life is very complicated. If I’m not at a sporting event, at the gym or at work, I’m playing video games.


I would tell any students that it’s all about your professional connections and make sure you’re making them. Don’t just go to class. Everyone can have a piece of paper, but not everyone has trusted references who will go to bat for you.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I would be a dragon because they’re dinosaurs with wings and they breathe fire. Who wouldn’t want to be essentially the nuclear weapon of medieval times?

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