Aimee Mitchell—Project Manager

In a world where sugar looks like salt, kitchen timers malfunction and ingredient swaps can lead to bakery flops, is a hero who’s got her sift together—Baker Girl; or as we like to call her, Aimee. 

While “Baker Girl” overcomes the most challenging of challenges to deliver a perfect, sugary treat in the kitchen, she’s also the calm amidst the chaos at Click, and that’s why we love her. 

Aimee, tell us about yourself.

I’m a happy positive mom of two boys who keep my days full of laughter, yelling, hugs and fights; #lifeofamom. I’m also the friend you call to help you bury the body. No questions asked. 


What do you do here at Click? 

I’m a project manager, or as I like to call myself, multi-tasker extraordinaire. If there’s shooting, writing, editing, media planning or anything that our team needs to do, it comes through me.


As a multi-tasker extraordinaire, how do you keep everything running smoothly?

My to-do list is pretty fluid. One thing can turn into five pretty quickly and something urgent can be replaced with something even more urgent at the drop of a hat, so I’m constantly re-prioritizing the tasks as they come at me throughout the day.


On that note, what’s your No. 1 tip for kicking butt at managing all the things?

Be calm and stay flexible. Our industry is every-changing, sometimes by the minute. Being able to change direction and troubleshoot the task at hand is key to success as a project manager. 


Hobbies, talents or interesting facts about yourself?

I love the challenge of a good puzzle—the bigger the better. I also love board games and playing cards, especially pinochle, and I’m always baking something.


What are you binge-watching at the moment?

I love suspense so I’ve really been into “Breaking Bad” (I can’t wait to see “El Camino”), “Goliath,” “Mind Hunter” and “Santa Clarita Diet.”

(We’re still trying to convince her to watch “The Office”)


If you could be a superhero, what would be your name and special power?

I absolutely love to bake. Banana bread. Apple bread. Cake. All of it. So, naturally, my superhero name would be Baker Girl, and everything I bake turns out perfect every time.

Most proud baking moment?

Eight years go I tackled my first legit cake—a caterpillar. It was for my oldest son’s first birthday so I was pretty committed to the thing turning out awesome. I made two practice cakes before the real deal. I must say, the actual cake turned out pretty darn cute.

Aimee, you’re an awesome mom, project manager and cake superhero. Thanks for keeping us all in line!

P.S. You can bake us a cake anytime.


Want Aimee and the Click team to manage your projects?

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